About Me

Hello, my name is Jackie and this is my home……I mean website.  I feel like I live on the computer (because it’s my job), but I love it.  I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the amount of flexibility I have.

So, about me, where to start?  I am a Minnesota native with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Art.  Although those were my major areas of study, I branched out within the art field and was able to learn so much more about the world I was entering!  In addition to Graphic Design, I studied photography, typography, film, music, dance and art history.  I feel like these areas have made me a well rounded designer.

Seven years ago I made the trek across the states to the West coast and made San Diego my home.  I worked as a graphic artist for a while and then moved on to a job in the shipbuilding industry (completely different from what I knew and/or thought I wanted).  This job, however, gave me some really important skills which I use every day.  I was able to interface with some great people and do some really interesting things.  I left the company in July of 2013 to have our first child and haven’t looked back.  That job has opened a lot of doors for me in the design world, believe it or not, and has allowed me to build my business, JR Design, from my home!  In addition to my at home design business, my husband and I are part owners of a brewery here in San Diego, Helm’s Brewing Co.  Owning a business has opened my eyes to new things and has allowed me to see how a company starts, operates and maintains everyday functions.

I love to create patterns and interesting objects not only on the computer but with my hands as well.  I love to craft, sew and discover new ways to design (on and off the computer).  I feel at home and alive being close to the ocean, I think thats what draws me to all things nautical.

Overall, I am an organized and creative individual with a heart for all things design.  I would love to help you on your next seafaring adventure!